MADA Tag & Title Service

We know dealership title departments are overwhelmed, so this program is designed to alleviate dealership stress in the title department. The MADA Tag & Title Service will process in-state and out-of-state title transactions for dealer members. Dealers can choose to outsource as much title work as they desire each month to allow valuable personnel to focus on other dealership operational activities. The MADA Tag & Title Service is a resource to help dealer members keep up with title work when an employee goes on vacation or is unable to work. Additional benefits are highlighted below:
  • Pick up and drop off of dealer title work
  • 24/7 live access to status reports
  • Issuing soundex numbers for customers
  • Ability to handle complicated transactions
  • Out-of-State Processing
MADA is excited to bring this great new service to our members. To get your dealership enrolled in the program, you can contact MADA Tag & Title Service through our dedicated communication channels.
Phone: 443-370-3970
There is no minimum amount of work required to get started with this program. The MADA Tag & Title Service is powered by industry professionals that are on standby to be a resource to all dealer members whether the dealer work is outsourced or not.
Enrollment Forms
  1. Enrollment Information Form
  2. Cover Sheet for Transactions
  3. Document Resources for Surrounding States 
  4. Power of Attorney Form (This must be sued with each transaction or a general poa that has availability for additional reassignments)

One resource we are proud to offer is our dealership estimate request via our website: DEALER ESTIMATE REQUEST

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