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MADA Tag & Title Service

We know dealership title departments are overwhelmed, so this program is designed to alleviate dealership stress in the title department. The MADA Tag & Title Service will process in-state and out-of-state title transactions for dealer members. Dealers can choose to outsource as much title work as they desire each month to allow valuable personnel to focus on other dealership operational activities. The MADA Tag & Title Service is a resource to help dealer members keep up with title work when an employee goes on vacation or is unable to work. Additional benefits are highlighted below:
  • Pick up and drop off of dealer title work
  • 24/7 live access to status reports
  • Issuing soundex numbers for customers
  • Ability to handle complicated transactions
  • Out-of-State Processing

To get your dealership enrolled in this program please call 443-370-3970 or email

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inGear, Summer/Fall 2018

Risk Management Corner

You’re looking to bring on a new employee, and your prime candidate looks great on paper — plenty of experience, consistent work history, and ideal professional credentials. But, how much do you really know about the applicant? Before making an offer, where appropriate, consider checking their background to help you understand who you’re adding to your team... Full Article

Maryland Automobile Dealers Association Foundation Logo

In 2010 MADA celebrated our 100th anniversary and introduced our charitable foundation, the Maryland Automobile Dealers Association Foundation. The Foundation honors individuals from the past who made our Association and industry what it is today. Over the last 10 years we raised well over $375,000, an amount that far exceeded expectations. 

In 2012 the Foundation began offering academic scholarships to students interested in pursing a career in the Maryland automotive industry. We have continued to award scholarships, any student who will be enrolled in the 2021-2022 academic year at a community college, a four-year university, or a non-degree post-secondary technical training program with the intention to work in a MD new car dealership is eligible to apply. Scholarship Application

Dealers’ Voice in Annapolis

MADA strives to minimize the impact of government regulations on its dealer members. The Maryland New Car and Truck Dealers Association Political Action Committee (MNCTDA/PAC) plays a significant role in the Association's legislative program, working to elect candidates whose views most closely mirror those of the new car and truck dealers. In the years ahead, the Association will continue to recommend and support legislation that furthers the interest of the industry that is so vital to the state's economic well-being.

Our Mission

MADA was founded in 1910 as a non-profit trade association for the purpose of "facilitating the exchange of ideas among its members; to encourage sound business policies; to foster constructive motor vehicle legislation; to discourage destructive motor vehicle legislation; and to promote confidence, respect and good fellowship among all who are directly or indirectly engaged in the motor vehicle industry."

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